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CLLAIMM EDUCATION: The complete learning model strategy educational approach for the entire family. 


about cllaimm

The CLLAIMM educational learning model exposes children and their parents to these virtues in a way that will help them and their parents to understand the gifts of their passions- what am I good at? what virtues come naturally? - and the best functionality of their unique gifts. This learning model is also designed to teach parent and child techniques, and strategies at home, church, and school that will enhance and teach prepare for succession in everyday life. Future-wise for parents and children, this blueprint will produce great decision-makers who demonstrate responsibility, commitment, and confidence as incredible citizens for life. 

about the founder and  CLLAIMM

CLLAIMM ACADEMY was founded by Dr. Marena Simmons Jones of Special Touch Learning Day Care and Learning Academies, an organization established in 1995 to offer students and parents an enriching early childhood learning environment versus a babysitting establishment. The seven fundamentals of the CLLAIMM® early childhood education methodology have been established through the teaching and care experiences of Dr. Simmons-Jones, who was co-founder establishing Special Touch Day Care #1 in 1995, 2001 helped establish Special Touch Learning Academy School, 2003 founded Special Touch Home School/Childcare# 2. In 2017, Dr. Simmons Jones also helped establish Four Corners ACADEMY, a family childcare, in VALLEJO, California. Personal History Dr. Marena Simmons Jones has earned an Associate in Science in Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement and Corrections,  a certificate in Early Childhood Development, a Bachelor of Business Administration –Management, a Master of Education in Leadership of Organizations, and a Doctorate in Religious Education.

As the founder of the CLLAIMM model, I, Dr. Marena Simmons Jones, present an educational learning model and its "circles of empowerment"- the church, home, and school- containing seven core values designed to provide the total essence of learning at its best. The CLLAIMM model components- church, home, and school- all bond collaboratively, bringing value to the world by building children into successful adults and adults into successful parents. Children need to understand who they are in Christ. They need to know God and how he wonderfully, divinely, miraculously, and uniquely created them. I want children to know that God has made them for a special reason and that they are not mistakes and are valuable to the world. With all this in mind, children's positive structure at home,  school involvement, and family participation in the church play a major role when it comes to the best of learning as it migrates into an outstanding lifestyle.CLLAIMM offers an educational approach for the parent, guardian, and adult raising a child. This unique system allows the child to receive optimal family dynamics when it comes to the structure in which the child is raised. 

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Meet The Team

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Dr. Marena Simmons Jones

Founder CEO


Nathan Guice Jr.

Executive Director

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